API and Intermediates

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Spring Pharma has been committed to R&D and industrialization of APIs and intermediates, accumulated a lot of practice experience in this field and developed a variety of domestic and foreign varieties of products, involving in anti-tumor, cardiovascular system, anti-infection, antiepilepsy drugs and their intermediates.
Our company not only pay attention to production and sales of existing products, but also pay more attention to the R&D of new products, strengthen independent research and development ability, pay attention to the upgrading of production equipment and quality related aspects of strict control, to ensure to produce better products in large scale. Excellent research and development ability and rich customer resource are the company's core competitiveness. In addition, we cooperate actively with domestic famous universities and research institutions to research and development the core competitiveness of high-tech products.
Chinese Name English Name Cas. no Structure Purity、Property、 Measurement Treatment area
681128-39-2 98%以上,白色固体,25kg/桶 123
L-2-Aminobutanamide hydrochloride
7682-20-4 98%以上,白色固体,25kg/桶 抗癫痫
132335-44-5 98%以上,白色固体,25kg/桶 精神类
3-氨基-3-亚氨基丙酸 1-(二苯甲基)-3-氮杂环丁酯乙酸盐
3-Amino-3-iminopropanoic acid 1-(diphenylmethyl)-3-azetidinyl esteracetate
170749-59-4 98%以上,白色固体,25kg/桶 抗高血压
Isopropyl 2-(3-nitrobenzylidene) acetoacetate
39562-25-9 98%以上,白色固体,25kg/桶 抗高血压