Custom Synthesis

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Business scope as follows:

Commissioned research

Use different research and development team to provide clients samples from small amount to the tonnage and services including small molecular compound experiment design, process development and optimization, technology transfer and production.

Custom synthesis and customized production

Provide the high quality custom synthesis and customization services with our fast, comprehensive literature retrieval system and the high level synthesis technology talented person for the domestic and international pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide and R&D service enterprise.

Technology transfer

Our company has accumulated a lot of drugs, and impurity reference substance and metabolites, intermediates and raw materials production process. We could transfer technology with the same industry manufacturers, and provide support in terms of sales.

Product quality assurance

①The following documents could be provided according to customer's demand:

HPLC, GC, MS, synthetic?method, TLC, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, IR, UV, Elemental Analysis, X- ray diffraction

②The characteristics of custom synthesis business

The following requirements we could provide in the custom synthesis business: Rapid response; Favorable price; quality?assurance; Delivery schedule; Detailed data.

③Confidentiality commitment

We will be kept secret, if necessary, can sign confidentiality contract about the content commissioned by the clients. Furthermore we are willing to work closely with customers at home and abroad to develop new chemical products and serve you wholeheartedly.